A head and shoulders image of King Robert the Bruce
A head and shoulders image of King Robert the Bruce


Knight Skills: Longbow

Master the art of the longbow in this target shooting game. The longbow was used to devastating effect by the English armies during the Wars of Independence.

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Knight Skills: Joust

Learn the skill of jousting in the practice arena. Ride your warhorse and raise your lance to hit as may targets as possible. Use the left mouse button to raise your lance and release it to lower the lance. You will be ranked according to your score.

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Siege engines such as catapults and battering rams were used to capture medieval castles. In this game you will try to smash the walls of Stirling Castle with a massive catapult known as 'Warwolf'. Warwolf was one of the biggest catapults ever made in Britain and it was made particularly to destroy the incredibly strong gatehouse of the castle at Stirling.

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Castle Invader

Many towns in Scotland were surrounded by fortifications and walls to keep enemy armies from invading. Many more towns had nearby castles to shelter and protect the people in times of conflict. In this game you will defend your castle from invaders by throwing rocks from the battlements. Try to defend the castle until reinforcements arrive, but look out for enemy soldiers!

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