Tales of Bruce & Wallace

Tales of Bruce & Wallace image

This collection of stories features our Bannockburn and Guardians of Scotland stories in a single volume with an additional 5 short stories. 88 pages, 7 stories of the Scottish Wars of Independence.


ElectroMagnetic #1

ElectroMagnetic Comic image

The first episodes of ElectroMagnetic, the Steampunk adventure series. Professor Maxwell, recruited to develop military technology in the war against India secretly fights terrorism on the streets of London.


ElectroMagnetic #2

Electromagnetic 2 image

In Episode two the story continues as the Professor runs foul of his military bosses and the mystery deepens as Alexandra takes matters into her own hands...and a trip to India beckons.


The Big Comic Con

Big Comic Con image

Crime, Comics and Cosplay come together in this comic book crime caper. Chris Maclean has a BIG problem. Out of work and owing money to a loan shark he resorts to crime to make ends meet. 40 pages, full colour.


Guardians of Scotland

William Wallace Comic image

The story of two of Scotland's most famous heroes, William Wallace and Andrew de Moray, who led the Scottish army to victory at Stirling Bridge in 1297. 40 pages, full colour.


Maximized Shorts

Life Support Comic image

Comic anthology of Supernatural, Science Fiction and Superheroes. Six short stories from Maximized Comics, including Dimensions, winner of the Dundee Comics Prize.


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