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Saltwater Venues of North East Fife
||| Sea Angling by Boat in North East Fife |||

A popular venue, particularly in the winter months when double-figure cod can fall to well-presented baits of creeler crab, lug or shellfish. In the summer coalies, wrasse and codling provide good sport, and the venue is very popular with the young who can enjoy themselves in a relatively safe environment.

Parking and access: There is ample parking at the harbour.


This a very popular summer mark, but is known to produce fish throughout the year. The favoured marks are in front of the cowshed which is easily accessed from the coastal path. However, a further 20 minute walk will take you to a reef, which is safe at most stages of the tide.

Fish with crab, worm, shellfish baits to take codling and wrasse from rough ground.

Parking and access: Follow road through village to farm. Park here but do not block access to buildings or fields. Walk down farm track.


A good all-year-round mark with plenty of codling, coalfish and flounder falling for lug and crab baits. A popular and safe venue for those who don't want to walk too far.

Parking and access: There is limited parking at the harbour.


Another rock mark which involves climbing over sometimes treacherous surfaces. Codling and wrasse, falling for worm, crab and shellfish baits, can be prolific on this mark so the effort can be worthwhile, particularly in June and July. The rough bottom not only means good fishing but tackle loss as well.

Parking and access: Go through Crail, turn right towards old airfield. Turn right towards the Go Kart Racing track and picnic area.


A good summer venue for codling and wrasse with the best months being June and July. Fishing on the rough sea-bed with crab or lug will do fine. It is best to be prepared for tackle loss but the quality of fish will compensate.

Parking and access: Park at the harbour.


This can be a tricky mark in strong winds, but these conditions can bring good fish on the feed. Expect coalfish and codling to such baits as peeler crab and lug. Also a very popular winter mark for night fishing.

Parking and access: Use signs for harbour. Ample Parking.


Easily accessible from the coastal path this mark produces codling, flounder and coalfish. Casting baits such as peeler crab, lug and rag worm onto the sand and rock bottom is the accepted method. However, light tackle tactics for coalfish can provide good sport also. A relatively safe venue.

Parking and access: Go through Elie, turn right at the sign for Ruby Bay, then turn right into the car park.

FIFE NESS, by Crail

A popular mark for codling, wrasse and coalies, fished for with worm, shellfish and peeler crab baits. The successful angler will be fishing over rough ground and kelp beds. This is a rock mark so great care is required in wet conditions. Strong easterly winds can also produce hazardous conditions, so be vigilant.

Parking and access: Follow road to Coastguard Station.


Approximately two hours before and two hours after low tide this is a very good flounder mark, with the odd eel thrown in for good measure. Worm baits are best.

Parking and access: Go over the bridge, turn right, then left, now park. Cross back over the main road and walk along footpath until access to riverbank is possible.


Mainly a codling and flounder mark for the winter months due to restricted summer access because of the proximity of the caravan site.

Parking and access: Follow signs for Shell Bay.


Fish over the sand and rock bottom for codling, wrasse, coalfish and flounder, and use worm or shellfish baits. Good mark for supervised youngsters.

Parking and access: Head for the harbour. Please note that access may be restricted due to reconstruction work.


Codling and wrasse are found over the rough ground, and generally come to peeler crab, lug and shellfish baits. As noted above, this is a rock mark and due care must be taken in wet conditions.

Parking and access: Park near swimming pool, then take a longish walk and climb down to the rocks.


Try the sandy beach for flounder, or from the pier for coalies. Fish strip and worm baits will do the business! Both marks are safe enough for youngsters.

Parking and access: Head for harbour, turn right, and at the end of the road turn left. Park along the wall at the side of the park.


Fish from the shingle at high tide on to sand/mud bottom for flounders. Use herring strip, sand-eels, sardine, peeler crab and red rag worm for best results. At low tides soft mud can cause problems, so beware. On very high tides it is possible to be cut-off from the car park if one is fishing the remote marks.

Parking and access: Take road through Wormit village, make a very sharp left turn. Find car park at end of the road.

Sea Angling by Boat in North East Fife
PortSkipper's NameTelephone Number
CRAILMr Easton(+44)01333 451152
I Gatherum
R Gatherum
(+44)01333 310702
(+44)01333 730248
(+44)01333 310860
PITTENWEEMJ Imrie(+44)01333 312714

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