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Deep Sea World, North Queensferry, Fife, KY11 1JR.
Tel: 01383 411880

If you find yourself in the vicinity of Fife, you must make time to visit the Deep Sea World at North Queensferry. Everything about this visitor attraction is an adventure for young and old alike. From its location beneath the famous Forth Rail Bridge to the underwater viewing tunnel packed with sea life of all forms, you will enjoy an experience to remember. Diver in Tunnel

The very friendly and welcoming staff there, for example Sharon Gifford, marketing assistant, will assure you of a day packed with excitement. The rich diversity of species, the uniqueness of the presentation and the high degree of interactivity, integrate well to achieve the three prime objectives - to inform, to entertain and to educate visitors about marine environmental issues. Tropical Fish

Amidst this haunting wonderland of marine rock pools and deep sea tunnels all members of the family can find an experience to thrill them. Who could resist taking a safari through the world's largest underwater tunnel, or touching the live exhibits of marine life, or staring transfixed at a Sand Tiger Shark, or gazing in wonder at ferocious Piranhas, electric eels, poisonous frogs and snakes in a breath-taking display of Amazonian life forms, or marvelling at the varied collection of Sea-horses, Wolf-fish and Octopus? Touch Pool

Through an innovative programme of organised events such as reptile weekends, festivals of fish, scary sleepovers, pirate weekends and nocturnal nights, Deep Sea World has succeeded in catering for every taste and all ages. Coupled with this are the summer schools for children, educational talks for families, schools, and university students and awareness programmes for scout and cub groups.

If all this fires your sense of adventure, I dare you to take the ultimate challenge - a 'try dive' with sharks. Your life may never be the same again!

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Fife Facts
Fife is the birthplace of 3 Kings, David I, James I and Charles I.
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