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St Andrews Aquarium

St Andrews Aquarium
The Scores, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9AS
Tel: 01334 474786 Tropical Displays

The newly refurbished St Andrews Aquarium offers visitors a close up encounter with the varied sea life from the British coasts and the tropical seas. The aquarium works together with the Sea Mammal Research Unit at St Andrews University, which deals with a wide range of issues concerning seals and cetaceans in Britain and abroad. Feel the rough skin of a Ray in the touchpool

Touch pools give you the chance to stroke the back of a ray or to feel the spiny bristles on the legs of a starfish. The indoor aquariums feature local sealife from shrimp to eels and sharks. Outside you can enjoy the antics of the seals Rocco, Laurel and Hardy. The recently introduced tropical section extend the aquarium's attractions to include colourful and exotic sealife from the tropics, including clown fish, puffer fish and the deadly poisonous wolf fish. Deadly and Beautiful

Informative displays and talks from the resident sealife experts explain the creatures' habitats and lifestyles, making a visit educational as well as entertaining. New events occur regularly at St Andrews Aquarium, from the introduction of new species, to the birth of baby fish. A forthcoming event to look out for is the arrival of the 'diving ducks', who feed from the bottom of pools and streams. Their appearance at the aquarium offers a unique opportunity to see these amazing and amusing creatures from a completely different viewpoint. Dogfish eggs - 'Mermaid's Purses'

Staff at the St Andrews Aquarium are often called in to help with unusual problems involving marine life. Local fisherman frequently catch unusual species in their nets and the Aquarium helps in identifying the creatures and often takes them in for display. In the past the Aquarium dealt with a fisherman who received a nasty shock when he touched a rare electric ray that he had caught off the coast of Scotland. The Aquarium also hopes to establish a rear and release programme for abandoned seals in the near future. Sea Horses

The Aquarium offers a recently refurbished restaurant and caters for corporate hospitality, functions and birthday parties. The Aquarium prides itself on the quality of its catering and attention to detail. Children attending a birthday party will have the opportunity of meeting the Aquarium's mascot Coco The Clownfish.

St Andrews Aquarium is open all year, please call for seasonal opening hours.

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Fife Facts
Winner of a Nobel Prize for Medecine, Sir James Black, was born in Cowdenbeath and studied at St Andrews University. He was awarded the prize for his role in the fight against heart disease.
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