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1 - Print the augmented reality marker. Print one here>

2 - Turn on your computer's webcam. You will have to 'allow' the webcam in the image to the left.

3 - Hold your printed marker so that it faces your webcam and is positioned on your forehead.

4 - You should now see a Wagner hairstyle and 'tache projected on your head.

5 - To keep a copy of your picture, press PrintScreen on your keyboard and paste into another document.


If the hairstyle doesn't appear, make sure that you are positioned in a well lit area and your webcam is correctly attached to your computer and switched on.

This website is just for fun and is not an official website of Wagner or any related organisation. However, the site creator is a huge fan and would like everyone to vote for Wagner.

This augmented reality application was made by Colin Maxwell. Follow him on Twitter @camaxwell