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Colin Maxwell

Colin Maxwell began producing comic books in 2013 along with illustrator Michael Philp. Their first comic book 'King Robert the Bruce and the Wars of Independence' was published in 2014, coinciding with the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.

Colin's stories have been published in several anthologies including Comicscene Annual 2021, Bite Me, Swift at 350, Time & Space: An H.G. Wells Comics Anthology, 13th Moon and Scrieve.

Colin was winner of the Dundee Comics Prize 2017, annual awards for short story writing.

In 2020 Colin was comissioned to write stories for the long running Commando comic series published by DC Thomson. His first Commando story, Five Little Soldier Boys, was released on 1st October 2020.


    Maximized Comics

  • King Robert the Bruce and the Wars of Independence
  • Guardians of Scotland
  • The Big Comic Con
  • Life Support
  • Tales of Bruce & Wallace
  • Electromagnetic 1
  • Electromagnetic 2
  • Electromagnetic 3
  • Maximized Shorts
  • Escape from Loch Leven
  • Raid on the Forth
  • Flight of the Eagle
  • The Adventures of Bamse
  • The Dunfermline Story
  • Independent Comics

  • Spirit of Enki
  • Centurion
  • Elemental Knights
  • 13th Moon Anthology
  • Skrieve
  • Time & Space H.G. Wells anthology
  • Swift at 350: Lost and Found
  • Bite Me
  • Small Press

  • Comicscene Annual
  • Bolt-01
  • Blazer 1
  • Blazer 2
  • Blazer 3
  • Blazer 4
  • Best of Indie Scottish Special
  • Brewgooders Anthology
  • The Kirknewton Story
  • DC Thomson

  • Commando: Five Little Soldier Boys
  • Commando: Canine Commando
  • Commando: Dead Man’s Chest
  • Commando: The Tygrys
  • Commando: Knock of the Gestapo
  • Commando: Snowbound
  • Commando: Cold Conflict
  • Commando: Tomasz and the Tank Engine
  • Commando: Target of Vengeance
  • Commando: Frightful Tales
  • Commando: See Naples or Die!
  • Commando: Helicopter Heist
  • Commando: Tomasz and the Top Secret Engine

Ian Kennedy

Ian provided the covers for ElectroMagnetic episode 2 and Flight of the Eagle. With over 70 years in the comics industry, Ian has contributed to countless publications including Commando, 2000AD, Eagle and Battle Picture Weekly.

The Art of Ian Kennedy

John Grieve

John provided the back-up story in ElectroMagnetic Episode 2. A well-known face around Scotland's comic cons, John publishes humorous comics and is well known for his charicatures of popular characters.

John's Website

Graeme Neil Reid

Graeme provided the cover for Raid on the Forth. An established artist, Graeme has provided artwork for 2000AD, Commando and numerous other publications.

Graeme's Website

Paul Tonner (Heavy Voodoo)

Paul provided the cover for Tales of Bruce and Wallace, and artwork for several Kickstarter rewards. A comic creator in his own right, Paul is a SICBA nominated artist an writer.

Paul's Website

Monty Nero

Monty provided the cover for the first issue of ElectroMagnetic. A writer for Vertigo, DC and Marvel, Monty also creates his own work including the acclaimed Death Sentence series.